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Ratings explained: Student:Teacher Ratio

Ratings explained: Student:Teacher Ratio

The Good Universities Guide is committed to educating its audience about the importance of our university rankings and ratings, which are crucial for informing prospective students about their education options. Over the next few months, we will be going through each rating individually and highlighting the institutions that are excelling in this area. 

What is Student:Teacher Ratio? 

The Student:Teacher Ratio rating looks at the number of students per teacher. A five-star rating means a university is in the lowest 20 per cent for Student:Teacher Ratio, which indicates comparatively fewer students per teacher. 

It is worth noting that shared teaching arrangements between universities and partner organisations can influence these ratios. 

Which universities led the way for Student:Teacher Ratio?

Flinders University achieved five-star status for Student:Teacher Ratio, with Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) Professor Clare Pollock sharing her thoughts on the rating. 

“Flinders has a student-centred ethos and a paramount focus on student success. Our high performance in student/teacher ratio is enhanced by the calibre of our teachers, who are recognised as leaders in their fields through international awards and national accolades.”

Murdoch University, which also featured in the five-star category, provided the following statement.

One of the many ways Murdoch University provides a supportive environment for our students, our high ratio of teachers to students ensures students receive individual support and attention, rather than being treated as a number in a system.

The strong relationships between our students and teachers often continue after a student graduates and approaches the workforce. In many cases teachers have become referees for our students as they gain graduate employment. Take Alana Ford for example, who was able to land a job at the Department of Home Affairs thanks to a reference from a previous teacher. Hear Alana speak about it in her own words below:

What other institutions performed well for Student:Teacher Ratio?


University Student:Teacher Ratio
Murdoch University 20:1 or less
Flinders University 20:1 or less
Bond University 20:1 or less
University of New South Wales 20:1 or less
Australian National University 20:1 or less
University of Sydney 20:1 or less
Swinburne University of Technology 20:1 or less
James Cook University  20:1 or less
University of Western Australia 20:1 or less
University of Melbourne 20:1 or less
University of Tasmania 20:1 or less
University of Adelaide  20:1 or less


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