Ratings Review: The best universities to study pharmacy

Ratings Review: The best universities to study pharmacy

Looking to pursue a career in pharmacy or health science? There are now 19 universities offering pharmacy degrees across Australia, so you may be having a hard time deciding which university to apply for. There are lots of factors to consider, such as the university location and the facilities on offer — and it’s important to note that there’s no one-size-fits-all. Different factors will have varying importance for different people depending on their circumstances.

The Good Universities Guide ratings data is drilled down to highlight the universities individual strengths — in this instance, we look at learner engagement, learning resources and graduate salary. The rankings provide comparative insight to support and guide student decision-making when choosing a pharmacy course.

Learner Engagement

The top universities for learner engagement are University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with 81.3%, followed by La Trobe University with 80.4%. This rating looks at the extent to which pharmacy students felt prepared for study, had a sense of belonging, participated in discussions, worked with other students and interacted with students outside of study.

Learning Resources

For students looking to get the best learning resources in their pharmacy degree, The University of Queensland ranked highest with a 97.4% satisfaction rating, followed closely by University of Newcastle with 97%. For this category, learning resources refer to student ratings of resources such as teaching spaces, student spaces, online learning materials and other study equipment.

Graduate Salary

The University of Queensland tops this category with a median graduate salary of $101,000 for pharmacy students. University of Tasmania ranked second in this category with a median graduate salary of $96,000.

You can view how universities rank for Overall Experience here, or make your way through the drop-down Rating type menu to view other categories.


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