How to survive the winter holidays

How to survive the winter holidays

The cooler weather can put you in a bit of a slump, especially after a busy semester. To help you stay productive and healthy over the break, we’ve covered some of the top dos and don’ts.


  • Take a break: Recharge your batteries by taking a short break, even if just for a weekend. If you’re in the cooler eastern states and want to stay warm, consider heading north or over to the western coast. Otherwise, check out some of your state’s top winter tourist spots — the snowfields or hot springs regions, for example. For those without the constraints of a student budget, or savvy flight sale shoppers, a short overseas break might also be on the agenda. You can typically find affordable flights to destinations such as Bali, Fiji, New Caledonia, Thailand and Vanuatu.

  • Catch up with friends and family: The last few months have kept you busy, so it’s important to make time to catch up with friends and family. If you’ve moved away from home to study, whether it’s interstate or from the country to the city (or vice versa), they might be feeling a little neglected.

  • Stay fit and healthy: It’s getting colder, exams are done and you’re taking a well-deserved break, but that doesn’t mean letting your healthy habits slide. Stay fit, eat well and be sure to get enough sleep — your future self will thank you in the new semester.

  • Start planning for the new semester: Skim through subject guides and assignment outlines, read the first few chapters of your textbooks and go stationery shopping if needed. If you prepare your materials ahead of time, you’ll be able to start afresh and avoid that post-holiday shock in your first class. Also think about some goals you’d like to achieve over the next semester — even if it’s just promising yourself that you won’t skip Monday lectures. If you want to improve your marks, be realistic and focus on small improvements.


  • Work too much: While it’s tempting to build up your bank balance over the break, don’t tire yourself out — especially if you’re expecting to combine full-time work with an active social calendar. Take on a few extra shifts but remember to have some time to yourself.

  • Clear your calendar completely: Although the holiday period provides a great opportunity to relax, as we’ve just mentioned, it doesn’t mean taking up residence on the couch. There’s only so much you can watch on Netflix and naps can themselves get tiring. If you’re not working, take the opportunity to give back to the community (there are heaps of great volunteering opportunities for students) or track down some course-related work experience.

  • Stress about the new semester: Enjoy your break and don’t start stressing before you need to. Being prepared is great — we’ve said this above — but avoid adding stress to your plate; you want to start class refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

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