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Where to find cheaper textbooks

Where to find cheaper textbooks

Thrust into the new wide expanses of university life, newfound independence can cause panic as students rush to get themselves organised for the new year. When you’re busy sorting out student cards and allocating timetables, textbooks are one thing that can fall down the list of priorities. There are plenty of ways to get university textbooks cheaper or second-hand.

If you’re trying to locate textbooks that aren’t costing more than your rent, here are some great places to start with.

Student VIP

Student VIP is your typical buy/swap/sell website for university textbooks. By creating a free account, you can upload photos and details of textbooks for other students to buy, meaning you can earn some money for keeping your textbooks in good condition. There are plenty of textbooks available for a wide range of subjects and courses. Considering they are second-hand, they also come at a lower price than what university stores or libraries may offer.

This website also offers subject notes, tutors and the best university app on Earth, LostOn Campus.


ZOOKAL specialises in cheaper uni textbooks that are easily searched by course and university. It also allows you to rent textbooks, which is an even cheaper option — you’ll be responsible for keeping the book in good condition so you can hand it back at the end of the semester without having to worry about selling it off.


Similar to ZOOKAL, Jekkle gives you the option to rent or buy cheaper uni textbooks for your course. Jekkle offer great deals, such as free shipping on orders over $100, a rental return guarantee deal as well as a 14-day guarantee on all orders.

University websites and social media pages

If you have no luck with any of the sites listed above, try separate websites not affiliated with universities that are suggested by the campus for textbooks.

It may also be worth checking out social media pages related to your course — this option is less reliable, but they can definitely be cheaper if you find someone offering your text at a good price.

Alternatively, you can borrow textbooks from the library for free if you need to use a textbook for only a limited amount of time. What you study and how popular your course may determine the availability of the text you need.


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