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2021 Ratings: The best universities for Education and Training

Our 2021 results are out, find out which universities are the best for education and training undergraduate degrees.
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Is online study right for you?

Sometimes referred to as off-campus or distance education, online study is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many prospective students. 

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Ratings Review: The best universities to study pharmacy

Looking to pursue a career in pharmacy or health science? There are now 19 universities offering pharmacy degrees in each state and territory across Australia, so you may be wondering which university to apply for.

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A breakdown of The Good Universities Guide 2020 ratings

This annual data reveals statistics and rankings of different universities across Australia, allowing you to make informed decisions when selecting a university to suit your own personal preferences and needs.

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Student Stories: Is there still a place for journalism studies in 2019?

I’ve always wanted to be a journalist. A sports journalist, to be specific.

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Should teachers be adding a psychological string to their bows?

The prevalence of teachers serving as counsellors and confidants, not only for students but other staff raises an interesting question: how could a qualification in psychology benefit teachers when it comes to dealing with students and even broadening their own career aspirations?

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