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Mechatronic Engineer

Mechatronic engineers design and maintain machinery with electronic and computer control systems, such as aircraft, robots, motor vehicles, cameras, power generators and mining and chemical plant machinery.

Duties & Tasks
Mechatronic engineers may perform the following tasks:
  • design, develop, maintain and manage high-technology engineering systems for the automation of industrial tasks
  • apply mechatronic or automated solutions to the transfer of material, components or finished goods
  • apply advanced electronic control systems, which are usually computer-driven
  • design and assist with the manufacture of consumer products such as cameras and video recorders
  • apply electronic and mechanical processes and computers to tasks where the use of human labour may be dangerous (underwater exploration, mining or forestry, for example)
  • carry out studies into the feasibility, cost implications and performance benefits of new mechatronic equipment.
  • Working conditions
    Workplaces range from laboratories and processing plants to engineering design offices.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy technical and engineering activities
  • good communication skills
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to think creatively and problem solve
  • interested in mathematics, physics and mechanical equipment, such as robotic and production equipment.
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