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Teacher - Early Childhood

Early childhood teachers plan and conduct education programmes for young children.

Duties & Tasks
Early childhood teachers may perform the following tasks:
  • plan activities using a variety of materials and equipment to develop good coordination, social skills, creativity, self-expression and an interest in learning
  • promote language development and self-confidence through storytelling, drama, music and discussions
  • help to organise and participate in excursions to enhance learning experiences
  • encourage children to question and explore the world in which they live
  • observe children to evaluate and record their progress and to detect signs of developmental disorders, ill health or emotional disturbance
  • recommend appropriate programmes for further development
  • work with guidance officers, speech pathologists and psychologists to assist children with special needs
  • help integrate children with special needs into mainstream classes
  • promote health and safety concepts and social interaction with other children
  • promote awareness and appreciation of diversity in multicultural societies
  • attend to sick children and those in need of first aid
  • comfort children who are hurt or distressed
  • assist children with their toileting and personal hygiene
  • discuss aspects of children's development with parents and other educators
  • discuss the aims of the education programme with parents
  • participate in community activities and parent/staff committees
  • supervise and work with student teachers and trainee childcare workers.
  • Working conditions
    Early childhood teachers work in government-owned pre-school centres, early education classes, community kindergartens and community childcare centres.
    Personal requirements
  • able to relate to children and their families
  • a keen desire to teach children
  • willing to learn
  • good problem-solving skills
  • sound literacy and numeracy skills
  • high-level planning and organisational skills
  • enthusiastic, tactful, patient and a sense of humour
  • prepared to work outside of school hours.
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