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Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications engineers plan, design, construct and install complex telecommunications networks and associated broadcasting equipment.

Duties & Tasks
Telecommunications engineers may perform the following tasks:
  • commission, install and test voice and data optical communication networks
  • provide specialist technical support in monitoring and administering large telecommunications optical networks
  • install and maintain internet protocol (IP) based optical network telecommunications equipment
  • install and test simple IP devices in convergence networks
  • develop project management plans
  • plan the development of core and access network capabilities
  • analyse demand data, and evaluate and forecast network growth
  • implement convergence technologies
  • design and manage telecommunications and information technology (IT) networks
  • diagnose problems and provide network management support
  • plan a project from a design specification
  • research and analyse the key concepts in design.
  • Working conditions
    Telecommunications engineers have a broad role that requires in-depth technical knowledge of appropriate equipment and services and extensive experience within the telecommunications industry.
    Personal requirements
  • able to identify, analyse and solve problems
  • enjoy mathematical and technical activities
  • good communication and organisational skills
  • able to work independently and accept responsibility.
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