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Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Science

The Australian National University (ANU)

Type of institution: University/Higher Education Institution
Level: Undergraduate
CRICOS: 00120C

There’s no other degree like it in Australia. You’ll get to explore your interests by undertaking research as an undergraduate student, get one-on-one mentoring by leading academics… all while enjoying the camaraderie of a group of like-minded students. The research you’ll do throughout your degree is excellent preparation for your fourth, or Honours year of your PhB. You will undertake a year-long research project under the guidance of an academic supervisor. This is where you can really indulge your passion and explore a topic in detail.


192 units


  • Astronomy and Astrophysics Honours, Biological Anthropology Honours, Biology Honours, Chemistry Honours, Earth and Marine Science Honours, Environment Honours, Mathematics Honours, Medical Research Honours, Physics Honours, Physics of the Earth Honours, Population Health Honours, Psychology Honours, Science Communication Honours, Science Honours, Statistics Honours

Standard entry requirements

  • Year 12 or equivalent
  • Or Associate Diploma
  • Or Associate degree
  • Or AQF Diploma
  • Or Diploma
  • Or AQF Advanced Diploma
  • Or Graduate Certificate
  • Or at least 1 standard full-time year (1.0 FTE) in a single program of degree level. ATAR: 98, International Baccalaureate: 40

Study pathways

It is possible to transfer to another undergraduate degree program in Science and receive credit for work successfully completed in the PhB. Students who have completed one or two semesters of tertiary study in science can apply for transfer into the PhB (Hons) degree. After completion of each 48 units towards the degree, the Committee will determine whether the level of performance is sufficient to remain in the degree program. To remain enrolled in the PhB (Hons) degree, students must maintain an average mark of 80% in science courses each semester.

Study information

CampusFeesEntryMid year intakeAttendance
Canberra Domestic: $145,840
International: $203,040
  • ATAR: 98
  • Full-time : 4 years

Further information

This course is an ideal path to take for students already aiming for a career in research, but it is equally good for students entering the workforce directly as they will have gained highly marketable skills in independent research, oral and written communication and also in teamwork. Students must achieve a minimum 80% weighted average mark in Science courses in each period (Summer/First Semester/Autumn and Winter/Second Semester/Spring) in order to continue in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours). For more information please view:

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