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Your guide to change of preferences in 2020–2021

Find out key dates on the change of preference period and register for our change of preference expo.
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Get to know your uni options

With universities being so multifaceted and so flexible, there are more options and pathways than ever before.
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Is it worth taking a gap year in 2021?

COVID-19 has thrown up challenges for those finishing school this yearWe look at the opportunities a gap year can offer, and what you’ll need to consider. 
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How to use social media more mindfully and productively

Social media has changed how we communicate and live. It’s become a safe space for many people, a place of learning, empathy, education, connection, and entertainment.
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Q&A with Dean Van Lunenberg from Whittlesea Pacers

In this three-part series, we have a chat with some rising stars at Whittlesea City Basketball Association. This month, we met Dean van Lunenburg. 

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Should teachers be adding a psychological string to their bows?

The prevalence of teachers serving as counsellors and confidants, not only for students but other staff raises an interesting question: how could a qualification in psychology benefit teachers when it comes to dealing with students and even broadening their own career aspirations?

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