Universities and TAFEs in Melbourne

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Victoria has a wide range of universities to choose from, each with varying specialties and entry requirements. Within Melbourne itself, the city boasts two Group of Eight universities, as well a wide variety of TAFEs, private institutions and many other higher education providers.

List of Universities in Melbourne (Victoria)

List of TAFES in Melbourne (Victoria)

Everything you need to know about studying in Melbourne

The Good Universities Guide is your premier resource for finding the right career path and leading you to the courses and qualifications to get you there. Explore the universities in Melbourne and discover our detailed university profiles, ratings for every university based on the Student Experience and Graduate Destination Surveys, as well as tips and information to help you make the most of your experience.

A comprehensive range of courses for all career paths

Melbourne has a huge range of education institutions, with a course to suit virtually everyone. Whether you’re heading straight to school from high school, returning after a gap year or entering as a mature student, you’ll find all the information you need to get the right qualifications.

Ratings of universities across Melbourne and beyond

The Good Universities Guide is the only source of comprehensive five-star university ratings in Melbourne. Our website allows you to filter your search results across all our measures — including Social Equity, Learner Engagement, Skills Development, Overall Quality, and more — as well as by state and field of study.

Scholarships to help you get the qualification you want

A scholarship can be a great way to offset some of the costs associated with study. There are many types of scholarships in Melbourne, some ranging from a couple of hundred dollars for books, through to others that cover the full scope of fees, living costs and more.

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